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Gift of Jesus is a world wide growing ministry founded by Bro Judson Abraham and Dr. (Mrs). Preetha Judson. Ph.D. Bro Judson Abraham started as an evangelist in the year 1993 and the ministry was established in 1999. The Divine Vision from God is to reach the unreached millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry operates to give hope to the people, who are sick and troubled with diverse problems and heal the Broken Heart, Soul and Body through its Mission.

To Spread the Gospel to the World Through

  • Mass crusades
  • Mass Media and Communication
  • Conducting Pastor's Conference every month second Friday to strengthen the pastor’s calling with power and Word of God

  • Conducting Healing prayer service on second Saturday of every month at Krupa company auditorium
  • Supporting several Aged Widows financially, every month through our ministry

We offer these services free of cost with the income from our Krupa Bakery Company and with a very few willful offerings.

Bro.Judson Abraham and Sis.Preetha Judson are enabled to do this ministry with love and support of well wishers and the prayers of our “Gift of Jesus Prayer Warriors” group.

To know more about our ministry browse through our website and please feel free to contact us for any need.


Public Crusades

At present we are conducting Public Crusades all over India. It's either by invitation from Christian groups or organizations or by the planning of Gift of Jesus Ministries.

International Ministries

Judson and Preetha have been visiting U.A.E. Countries to share the Word of God on special invitation. Now God has opened doors in Africa and European countries.

TV Ministry

The main aim is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world through the fastest media, through Television and the results are pouring out from all over the world.

Email and Letters

People write to us for prayer requests and Sis.Preetha prayerfully go through all the letters and reply back.

Phone Ministry

We have Prayer Warriors who attend to every phone call and pray for your needs. You can find different phone numbers for different languages.As the Lord leads, Judson & Dr.Preetha will attend some calls personally.

Books, CD's, VCD's and DVD's

Books written by Dr.Preetha Judson are available and various Message CD's & DVD's are also available. You can find from our product list and get them by writing to us at reasonable price.


Bro Judson Abraham was born in Tamilnadu, after finishing graduation he came to Warangal in search of a job and joined the business along with his other two brothers and got married to Preetha in 1988. The business underwent a severe loss and due to financial debt problems he had to flee to Tamilnadu in the year 1994 along with his family. There in the wilderness, during prayer time, the Lord met him and spoke to him, and Bro.Judson committed his life to serve the Lord. The Lord promised to bless his business and use him in the ministry.

Then after returning to Warangal, Andhra Pradesh he started a small business and the Lord blessed the business. Later Sis.Preetha Judson also joined the ministry and the ministry expanded, growing fast Internationally.

Bro Judson is loved by all the people around the world, known for his simplicity and humbleness and as a powerful anointed man of God with a wonderful Gift of prophecy. Many lives are transformed, delivered and edified by his ministry. He is recognized as a prophet of God.

To know more about the miraculous works of God through his ministry, browse through our website.


Dr. (Mrs). Preetha Judson. Ph.D. dedicated her life to the ministry in the year 1997 and the Lord started to use her since then. Sis.Preetha born in Tamilnadu and brought up in Bangalore and in Tamilnadu, and after marriage they settled in Andhra Pradesh, India. The physical and mental agony in her married life drew her closer to God, and as the Psalmist says in Psalms: 119:71” It was good that I was afflicted”, turned her life to be fruitful to others. Her commitment to the Lord was strengthened. The Lord enabled her to do Theology study and accomplish a Doctorate and was also awarded the prestigious “SEVA RATNA” award for her excellence service in ministry by “The Throne of Grace Seminary and Theological College” of Hyderabad. She is an International Crusade Speaker, a Bible Teacher and an Author. She is commended for her excellent presentation of the Word of God and is used with diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many are delivered, healed and are anointed with the Holy Spirit through her ministry. We give all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for the way He is using her.


Brother Judson Abraham is an eminent businessman owning a company, producing cakes and biscuits. The business covered five states in India. More than 400 people are employed and thousands of people are benefited through this company. Most of the income is used in the “Gift of Jesus” ministries. So we request you to pray for our business.

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